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Please read this page carefully, as it contains some important clauses, which set out this agreement and the general terms and conditions of your use of petstips.net . By accessing and using this website, you implicitly acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to this commitment and the terms of this agreement, and you also acknowledge that you have read the privacy policy of the website, whether you are an ordinary user of the website or a representative of a company, organization or any other legal entity, and therefore you acknowledge that you have legal capacity to bind that entity to this agreement, in which case the user terms will apply to that entity that you represent.

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User Content

  1.  The content provided by the user on this site may consist of comments, e-mail, and if there is other written and photographed content, we refer to its owner, whether it is a personal user, company or other entity.
  2. The site allows the possibility of writing comments on the topics that we publish, and this is the right of all users without exception, but the comment must not include indecent expressions, insults, slander, defamation, incitement to hatred, racism, insulting religions, posting links and any inappropriate content or anything that would cause material or moral damage to the site or other users alike.
  3. The site is not responsible for the comments and each user takes personal responsibility for the comment he/she shares.
  4. In order for the comment to be of added value to the topics we publish, it is preferable to attach the comment to the name of its owner, whether real or pseudonymous, but no one is allowed to impersonate another person or the name of a company, institution or organization, and he alone bears the legal consequences of this.
  5. The ownership rights of the comment remain reserved to the author of the comment, but the site has the right to reuse the comment through activities related to the site, without the need for a prior request from the author of the comment, provided that the author of the comment is mentioned and the comment is not modified.
  6. The site is committed not to use the e-mail in any activity except for using it to correspond with the owner with new topics, offers or gifts, and we explicitly commit not to provide it to any other party or use it in illegal matters, and in the event that any user receives an e-mail message sent by the site, it will be through the site’s e-mail and we are not responsible for any e-mail claiming to be affiliated with the site except for our e-mail.
  7. As detailed in the privacy policy, the site collects some data about you that is not related to any personally identifiable information about you, such as the type of operating system, browser, IP address, etc. for the purpose of improving the level of service we provide to you and to facilitate your access to the site, and also to achieve the greatest benefit from the site and the site has the right to profit from the Internet to share this data with a third party without compromising your privacy.

Modifying the terms of the agreement

Pets Tips Blog reserves the right to modify this agreement or its terms related to the site and services when necessary and at any time, and the agreement becomes effective immediately after the updated version is posted on the site. Immediately after posting, we will revise the update date at the bottom of this page, and your continued use of this site after any such changes constitutes your implied acceptance of such changes.

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